Lucifer’s Daughter

She’s a baby devil I swear
Lucifer’s daughter
She is
No kid no kid
She burns like that matches
Used to light her spliff
Slit wrist cause blood to drip
And her mind to slip
Off why she hates life
And everyone in it
Cherry lip stick
Stuck on her lips
She holds the blunt
With her French tips
So gorgeous so gorgeous
She is
But she’s Lucifer’s daughter
Please don’t forget
She’ll suck in
And you can’t escape
No exit from her grasp
Will be made
God tried to sentence her
For her sinister actions
But no one has returned
On the trip to catch her
Petite body serves as bait
She throws out a line
And patiently waits
Someone will come
She knows
She finds a victims
And the vixens blows
Them a kiss
Tis tis poor man
Another unfortunate event
She belongs in the fire
But roams in the wild
Lurking and hurting
Whomever and whoever
Looks with wanting eyes
She’s lucifers daughter
So my fellow brothers please hide.

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  • 13.June.2012
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